Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Feet

Well, yet again I'm updating this because of a blog post I read. Oh well...I'll do a just because post eventually.
This one is not about the movie (and no I've never seen it), it's about what music makes you happy or want to dance. This one is a little difficult to narrow down because I LOVE!!! music. I listen to it the majority of the time. I wake up to a CD my niece burnt for me Christmas a year ago. I listen in the car. The best time is when I'm in the kitchen. I totally zone out when my iPod is on...I tend to work better when I'm not analyzing (or maybe it's over analyzing) whatever I'm doing whether it's cooking, baking, or doing dishes. Music makes me focus on what's coming out of the speakers and not thinking about what I'm doing...rather letting my body go into auto-pilot (which tends to work better...oddly enough). Enough top 5 music that makes me smile, happy, or dance.

1. Christian.
I love Christian music. I do enjoy a lot of the old hymns, but only when I'm trying to reflect or look inward and being quiet (quiet? yeah, that's a rare thing for me...I'm told I even snore (I think hubby fibs)). I am, and have been, more contemporary. I loved Carmen (the singer not the chick...or play...or something). I currently listen to "Casting Crowns," "Third Day," "33 Miles," "Toby Mac," etc. It may sound odd, but yes, I have danced around my kitchen to christian music.

2. 50s.
Yep, although I'm nowhere close enough to have heard any of it when it originally came out, I love the 50s music. The whole era actually: the poodle skirts (yep, actually have one :-) ), the muscle cars (drool), the leather jackets, James Dean, the jukebox be-bop music, the...... Grease is a wonderful it. Oops. Just realized I went off on a bit of a dreamy rabbit trail. Anywho...the music makes me want to dance. Whether it's happy dancing or just grab the hunny for a nice little slow dance to Earth Angel.

3. 80s.
This was the era I grew up in. Yep, frizzed hair, fabric ponytail holders, neon colored....everything, and synthesizers. Make-up was Spackled on thick for both gals AND the guys. The hair was big...the "hair bands" were bigger. Ok...if you just read that last sentence and thought it meant hair products, you were not an 80s teen. Hair Bands: Poison, KISS, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, etc. I got to see a couple of those bands about 10 years ago at a concert when we were stationed in Florida. O.M.G!!!!!!!!!!! Hubby said he's never seen me so excited, so smiley, and so absolutely enjoying myself at a concert. Example: he's still a bit irritated since I fell asleep at a Metallica concert. Yes. I. did.

4. Disney movie songs.
It's something about the movies (older, rarely the newer ones) and the music and the lyrics. When I catch my self singing one of them, I can conjure up the scene (most of the times). Hubby and I have played Disney Trivia. When a song question comes up for me, he asks "Finish this line from [enter movie title here]...." I tend to sing the line as well as a chunk of the song. Right now "Beauty and the Beast" "Tale as Old as Time" is in my head rattling around. I love Angela Lansbury...maybe that's why....hmmmmmm

5. Nostalgia Songs.
While I know it may "seem" like a cop-out, it really isn't. I swear. There are random songs that will pop up from time-to-time and make me smile when I remember the memory, person, place, whatever that went with that particular song. One odd one is "Tootsie Roll." No, not that kind of dancer. It reminds me of a dear friend (no longer in my life...I guess she wasn't meant to be in my life but for that brief time) and times we went to New Orleans. I think I was the only stone cold sober person on that ENTIRE street...yep, including the bartenders and probably cops...although I don't remember any cops. Oh! Wait! The dear friend is just not a friend anymore...yes, she is still alive. Sorry about that. Anywho...the friend (won't name names) loved dancing and when that song came up, she would "try" to grab me and get me to dance. Nope...I'm good...thanks. Songs like those aren't about the song per se, but the person, memory, what-not that they bring to mind. :-)