Hi. I originally started this blog years back because of an upcoming political election. I too wanted to have a "voice" where I believed the only ones getting heard were celebrities and I am no where close to desire to either. I didn't actually read any at the time, but wanted a way to get my thoughts out of my head and in black-and-white. At first it was pretty much an on-line diary, but I changed that to a public view. I mean, whose thought processes was I going to change if no one but me read it? I deleted my "diary" posts and posted a few that I wanted "out there"....not too controversal, but thought-provoking.

Then, I went least here.

Time passed.

When trying to get my house in order, I did a search. For what, I don't even remember. Through that search, I discovered blogs that I actually read. It started out cleaning that moved into organizing into de-cluttering....well, they are now a variety. A blog here and there made me want to do my own answering. My posts still fit my title: My Random Thoughts. One post may be an answer to a question I read on a blog, while another may be about being thankful. I have a feeling it will probably continue to be about as varied as the blogs I read.