Thursday, May 2, 2013

God is So Loving

I did quite a few things yesterday...a LOT of running around. It wasn't that hot, boy it was humid. I got waaaay to hot from the high humidity. I sprayed my pony tail with cool water, rubbed the back of my neck with cool water, and rinsed my face off thoroughly with cool water (all wonderful remedies for excess heat). I finished my day with a Bible study at Home Group at our pastor's house. Busy, but no more than a normal "errand day."

Then today. Woke up with my left foot swollen and the top part red (it still is). It hurt off and on (not too bad until the evening). I was mentally complaining...."really?!?! Why me..Again! It's not fair. *pout" Okay...more whining I guess. The gracious God in Heaven I serve didn't "zap" me or slap me on the back of the head (both I deserve). Nope. He listened.
He reminded me of a previous lesson (give thanks in all things).
He urged me and have me the strength to do dishes (one of my nightly goals I'm trying to turn into a habit).
And the most humbling? This was my devotion that I normally read in the morning, but hadn't until a few minutes ago.

God is so amazing and so loving. Even in my whining He loves me.