Saturday, August 11, 2012


Sorry it's been so long since I've been on. That is a loooooong story and not going to happen this time. Sorry

I was reading one of my "must read" blogs and it had the topic of never. There is a game during school times growing up or, the more adult version, in college, about I have never {Insert action/whatnot}. Those that have, at least in college, etc., drink. Soooooo I thought I would add my own list.

Hmmm....after reading hers, I'd already be half-drunk. Well, this might be more difficult than I thought.

1. Tried an illegal drug.
This one is easy. Nope, don't have any desire to do so. I will say that I was in a house where they offered it to everyone (I was a teen & highly naive....I didn't realize the smell until later. Yeah, so.....). Another time, at an outdoor concert in Florida. It was the lead singer for an 80s hair band that had split up. This lady was grooving (?) to the music beside me and asks if I want a hit. I'm not paying attention, turn to her and say, "Scuse me?" (rather confused). [Half high] responds, "A hit?" My response was this: "No thank you. My hubby's military and we don't do that." Her eyes got huge! She bee-lined it outta there closer to the front. Odd response. Hubby got back (after getting us something to drink) and asked if he missed anything. I sooooo couldn't wait to tell him.

2. Been in a military aircraft that's been airborne.
This may seem, REALLY?!?!, but wait. I was in the military for four years, got out, and became a military spouse. I have PCSed (moved) once for me alone; four times since we've been married. I have been in the planes when they're grounded to take a tour (the base we were at opened up part of the base so the locals could see what they were hearing close up), but that's it. Not once. I did have an opportunity last year, but because I was still healing from a splintered leg and couldn't run in the Moon Boot I had to wear, it was a no go. *sigh....maybe one day

3. Been bungy jumping
This is another Not Going to Happen one. Nope. Sorry. I loved sky was a rush unlike anything else....even coasters. Having a rope tied to my ankles and jump or shoved off a TALL object in order to see the ground come rushing towards your face?!?!?! What's not to like? *SHUDDER!!!!!!!!!!! I would probably have died from a massive coronary before the rope caught. I have a fear of falling. Yeah, I know, so why the sky diving? To help rid me of my fear....and it did A LOT. The fear is still there. Now, because of an accident, I'm more cautious.

4. I've never had my tonsils or appendix out.
Growing up, my parents believed that doctors were only there in an emergency. The whole "yearly checkup"...yeah, not so much. A dentist? Didn't see one (after toddler years) until I joined the military. Thankful for very good genes: rarely have a cavity! So, if it wasn't broke, don't fix it. Did I ever have swollen tonsils? You betcha! Still do at times. They've just never gotten to the point of "Take me out now!!!"

5. Skied
No snow skiing or water skiing. I was going to water ski one year with my sister and her now ex-hubby, but she thought I should wait another year. By the time the next year rolled around, things had changed and no option to try. I ended up being married to a guy who loved skiing (hard to do so when you end up moving to warmer climates), so I figured one day he could teach me. Year before, I didn't have the equipment (no snow-weather parka/leggings/etc) and we were really busy. Last winter, healing from a splintered tibia and fibula. Now? No thank you!!!! I've had enough brokenness to last.

So......what have you never?