Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Bit About Me

Before I update this with something a bit more "me" and more....recent (yeah, yeah I, I thought I'd do a mini about me. Ages after I last posted, I started following a blog or 4. It all started because I went Googling for...something or other. I found the first one (about cleaning), then the second (about Organizing!!!), then one a Mix Mash (LOVE!!!!! her humor and will be reallllllly sad when I'm finally caught up and have to wait like all of the others to read the next post..*pout), and finally her second blog (which I just never thought was sinking in...just liked the humor. UNTIL I wore a random outfit to church and got tons of compliments. Holy cow!). That was a long lead-in. Oops. Anywho....As I'm going through blog #3 (not in any order, just the third one I mentioned), I came across the "Getting to Know You" post from earlier January. I thought I might as well post one too since it sounded something I would do. So.....Here are FIVE things about moi. :-)

1. I always say that I was born with a flash in my eyes from a camera and it was downhill from there. I grew up with a mom who was/is OBSESSED with taking pictures. It annoyed me at the time having to pose, but I have to say this is one thing that I've inherited from her that I don't mind. I love cameras and taking pictures!!! I hate the posey, posey shots that most people do (unless there's a getting everyone together for a family shot), so most of my pics are Surprise {insert chuckle}.

2. Since this next is similar, I'll add it here. I don't really like taking pictures of people. Don't know why...just me and my odd tastes. My favorite topic is buildings, architecture, etc. And no, refuse to go into that. Why? Do NOT care one iota why this group of people decided to go from brown in their paintings, buildings to red. Maybe it was an accident and these idiots are making a big deal out of an "Oops." Ooookkkkaaayyy....getting off the soapbox now. Back Not just any building. My favorite are old...older than my parents (they're older than my peers' parents...I'll explain one day)....buildings. They have character and are not made from steel. Boring...for the most part. It is one of my dreams/wishes/Bucket List items that a photo or two of mine are published in a book or magazine. I haven't even put it on my list because....not really sure how to explain. It would be a dream come true and....I'm just odd like that. I'll leave it there.

3. I love musicals! My mom and I would watch old musicals growing up. Then in band, we would watch parts of certain movies so we could get the feel of certain songs that we would be playing. When I was little my dream was to be a dancer. Explaining. My mom & I watched "White Christmas" from since before I can remember every year for Christmas. There is a scene where Danny Kaye and his dance partner (brain fry at the moment) danced out of the room onto the "boardwalk" outside. I would dream that it was me up there. See....not a "Wear-little-next-to-nothing-for-creepy-people" or a "Shake-your-booty-for-God-only-knows-why", but a "Wear-a-flowy-dress-and-glide-across-the-floor" dancer. Sigh..........

4. My favorite actress growing up and even today doesn't even have any movies out anymore. She retired and walked away from the scene. Doris Day. She was America's Sweetheart and I thought she was amazing. And she sings....which adds to my love of musicals. Have I seen all of her movies? Not even close. I get into "Movie Moods", which I'm not in at the moment. I get into these moods where I crave at least one per night...most of the 2 or more. Then....a lull until the next hits. Sometimes it's a mini one; sometimes a big one. I'm in a lull at the moment. So, might have to have some saved up on-line for when the next one hits. ;-)

5. I love Disney and now Pixar movies. To me, Pixar is now what Disney used to be. I love the older Disney movies. Some of them now are too....something. Pixar makes sweet kid movies that Disney seems to try to get away from. The whole "How-far-can-we-push-the-ratings-boundary-and-still-keep-it-kid-friendly" is too....REALLY?!?!?! for me. Pixar is usurping them...which is fine by me. I've started to realize that most of the recent kid movies I enjoy don't come from Disney. Kinda sad when you think about the legacy.

I guess that's it for now. I'll do a catch-up post eventually. Hopefully it won't take me another few years.