Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hopes and Dreams

Well, my last post was only actually this morning. Buuuuutttt since I've still trying to catch up on that blog I mentioned, here's another update. Two in one day? Rarity to be sure. This one is FIVE Hopes and Dreams.

1. I have a Bucket List that I started. While some things have been checked off, there are still more being added...almost weekly. The list has all of the things I want to do and places I want to see. For this one, I HOPE to Do most if not all, of the things on my list.

2. While I've been to quite a few countries, I don't think I've been to nearly enough in my honest opinion. Let's see...where have I visited (and stepped both feets): US (duh, but's a country ;-) ), Canada, Saudi Arabia (when I was in the Air Force), Terceira Acores (lived here), Bahamas, Virgin Islands, San Maarten, St. Thomas (last 4 on a 7-day cruise), England (lived here), France, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Italy (live here currently), Czech Republic, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Germany, Croatia, and Holland.
My DREAM place to visit is Egypt. The pyramids, the sphinx, and the sand, and the history, and the pharaohs, and the.......*sigh

3. This was mentioned in my last post. My DREAM is to one day have at least one of my pictures published in a book or magazine. That would be a dream come true. Not even my family knows. Oops. hehe

4. I HOPE to one day be fluent in Spanish. I love the language. I think it's beautiful. Some are probably thinking, "but aren't you in Italy surrounded by the ITALIAN language? What's wrong with that?" Nothing, but not a desire of mine. While I do think it's beautiful when heard, not high on my list.

5. One more travel. Since I've left the US out nearly completely, I'll add one of mine (and hubby's) dreams. I HOPE/DREAM to travel the entire Route 66 from east to west (or vice versa). I'm not talking what is now, but the original route. I know that this will entail lots of research, maps, and planning, but I/we soooo want to do this that it will be worth it. Thanks to Cars for putting the idea in our heads. :-D