Thursday, March 28, 2013

Made That Pin

In the last post, I talked about Pinterest. If you're on the bandwagon, you're probably like most and have pinned and pinned and pinned and....well, you get the idea. Ummmm....oh yeah! You've probably pinned a lot of stuff, but that's it. I know I've pinned tons of stuff all over the net and it....well, it's pretty looking and organized, but that's mainly it.

Months back, one of the blogs I read instituted a Pinterest Challenge. The first such challenge can be found here. I found it interesting, but hadn't personally discovered pinterest (I was stubborn). I had refused, got curious, and then fell myself. I'm not on the site as much as some of my friends, but I do tend to pin a lot given that I downloaded that cool little "Pin It" button for my toolbar. Anywho.....I too pinned and pinned, but never really did anything.

Then, a few months ago hubby & I decided to do a meal plan each week. We got tired of eating junk or grabbing take-away because we couldn't decide what to have. Our meal plan solves that. One thing that we instituted after a couple weeks was a Try-a-New-Recipe night. The night itself varies, but given the stack of recipes we own and the thousands (millions?) on-line, we figured we would try a new dish and see how it went. We've learned that some are definite keepers while others are....well, the gravy is a keeper, but not the meat.

I found three new blogs that I'm still working my way from the beginning through. One day I came across a recipe that looked soooooo yummy. Soooo I did what any respecting follower would do and pinned it for future reference (lol right?). Guess what? I actually made it. And it. was. yummy!!!!!!!

Here's the pin. The blog I got it from (Goodlifeblog) is great too :-)

So, how did it come out? I'll let you judge from the pictures.

There's enough left in the pot for hubby's lunch tomorrow. I call that a winner :-)