Thursday, March 28, 2013


A lot of folks that I know (mainly women) found and fell head-over-heals for a little site called Pintrest. For those that don't know what the obsession is (there are those out there), here's a Gen-version of what it is (that's my version....Gen being me :-) ).....

Old-school version is a cork board surrounded by a wooden frame. Thumb tacks or push pins were used to attach those ripped-out-of-magazines-pictures of clothes/food/hairstyles/rooms that we just had to have.
Then, crafty ladies attacked these ugly boards in order to make them prettier....or to "go with" the room they were to be in. And then came the fabric stapled ones wrapped in ribbon. You could still use pins, but most wouldn't since that would mar the fabric.

Fast forward to the digital age where everyone's on-line. Both of those are still around to be sold and used (and redecorated to your taste). However, what about when you find something on some random website and just love or have-to-have-it!!!? Fortunately, Firefox and Google Chrome (along with IE?) have a "favorites" or a "bookmark" to keep those. That was/is all well and good, but what happens if (oh no!) your computer crashes? Then what? ALL of those favorites/bookmarks are stuck on a hard drive that isn't going to cough up that precious data (trust me! I lost lots of pics that way *sob!).

Soooooo along came a nifty-digital age idea...Pinterest. It is a digital pinboard where everything is digital. The boards are digital, the "pins" are digital, and the users are all on-line. The pins on Pinterest are the web pages that you want to keep (similar to bookmarking) showing an image on that particular page. The sight is free and you can make as many boards as you want (from what I've found so far). So if there's recipes you want to try eventually or a room you want to redo and get ideas for, you can make boards for it and pin to your heart's content. Oh! A nice little trick I found was a Search bar. If you want to look for DIY totes, just type it in and Pinterest will show all of the pins from users that have anything remotely to do with DIY or totes or both.
Tip: I've tried and Pinterest won't "pin" a page unless there's a picture to go along with it....even if that pic is just the cover photo and has nothing to do with the mouth-watering recipe you found.

My goal for this post was actually going to be a "I pinned it and did it", but after the explanation above, I'll save that for the next post.

Disclaimer: This is a post of my own. I was not asked to or paid by anyone including pinterest for writing it.