Monday, March 5, 2012

Why the Gap?

I was looking through this blog and saw a HUGE gap between last posting and the first time I posted this year. You might be wondering why the gap.... So, here's the skinny.....

I originally started this blog as a take/viewpoint from a Conservative on politics. From looking at the number of posts from 2008, it is rather obvious that that was just a "flash in the pan" thing I did. The positive thing is that I DID start this. I've discovered I even enjoy posting. (Not sure how many/any is reading this, but eh). Once my obsession over politics and the particular election was over (still same views, just not as...not sure....just different), the blog, like many other things in the past went by the wayside.

Me then? Not a lot different than now...other than I lived in a different house and a different country. I now live in Italy because of my military husband. The house of 2008 was in England.

Fast forward to December 2011. I discovered blogs. And not just blogs, but ones that I enjoy reading and follow rather religiously. While there are only about 7 I am subscribed too as opposed to the dozen or more that others follow, I am subscribed to each one and normally wait rather impatiently for. The majority are based on the house and organizing or crafty, although 2 I LOVE!!! reading for the humour of the writer. She is (as the old saying goes) a Hoot! There are times when something has struck me as hilarious and next thing you know, tears are streaming down my face. While reading one of said blog posts, I wanted to have my own say and "link up", so....that's where it all started back. You can thank that lovely writer. Just in case you want to shake your proverbial fist because somehow this post/posts are horrid, I won't mention her name, to keep her safety in mind. ;-)