Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thankfulness Day 15

I've been gone a while and still haven't gotten caught up. Why? School. Not the teeny-bopper HS kinda school. University. I've been taking classes forever (or does it only seem like that?). My on-line class (how I'm taking these fine classes) required the usual textbook...which I ordered. Problem was I'm in Europe and Sandy hit. Soooooo the "snail mail" got pushed back...which meant a month waiting for said book. My teacher posted the first two weeks of chapters, but after that I was on my own. Which meant waiting for said book to arrive (thank God for nice and understanding teachers!!!) and then working reading overtime to get caught up. Which I did....the final day of class....this past Sunday. All assignments (including my final, the conferences, and case studies) turned in. My final grade (found out yesterday evening) A. Pwew!!! 1 more down....2 left until my Bachelor's is done. Buuuuuuut while my lovely winter break occurs, I'll be catching up on To Dos...including these posts.

I was/am thankful for many thing. The 15th thankful was Facebook and a particular page I'm a part of.
Living overseas, it's hard to keep up with friends and family. Being part of the military family, we have friends just about around the world. Phone calls? Waaaaaay too expensive. So, thanks to technology and a young, curly-headed guru, I can catch up on the lives of my friends and family without leaving the comfort of my home office. No, this isn't a service announcement....just a "Glad it was created and opened to the general public".
Living different places over the past....well, let's just say more than a decade (not a typo) and "collecting," we have had quite a few items housed within our walls. The problem is, the curtains you get for this house doesn't fit the next house. So what to do? Do you collect items around the house in hopes that they'll fit a future house? Yes. Well, more to the point of yes, that's how I used to think. After quite a few de-cluttering blogs and minimalizing blogs, I now say No. So.....what to do with all of that extra stuff. That's where my second thankful comes in. One of the pages created on FB is a local (to me) page. This particular page is for us Americans-living-abroad to offer our personal items for sale or to buy others' personal items. It's a great page (there are many similar). I've bought quite a bit, but haven't spent nearly as much as I could've. I've also sold quite a bit and learned where to get certain items from. Another plus is that every item bought/sold is one more item kept out of the landfill as well as one less new item "needed" and therefore made. Win, win, win. Buyers de-clutter; sellers get items wanted/needed; environment doesn't have to supply another new item.
A technological thankful, but a grateful one none-the-less.