Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thankfulness Day 14

Today was busy in the morning. I'm training to take over as primary treasurer for our church and did training with the current primary. Geesh! I had forgotten how chilly a cinder-block structure can get in late autumn without a heat source. Yeah, not even winter and I had to turn on the under-the-desk heater or I may have frozen! Oy! To get an idea.....find a storm cellar and go down into it (must not be attached to the a basement-type of one). You'll get an idea. After, I had more blood drawn and bought a sandwich from the cafe in the clinic before I left. The blood thing? Long story.....another post. Short infection that I'm still fighting since the end of July. Yeah....told ya it was a long one.

I am thankful for my sister.
*No pic since I'm probably not going to post pics of family members....other than my little immediate family*
I was a "menopausal" baby. Mom was 42; dad was 54....second marriage for both. My sister (according to her) prayed for a baby sister since she was small. She had a brother, but wanted a sister to chat with and do girlie things. took a while and a different hubby for her (and mine) mom, but at age 17, her baby sister (me) was born. Our relationship has had its ups and downs. I grew up at times wanting to be just like her and then wanting to be nothing like her. Part of it was mom. She would say I had a lazy intelligence and if I just tried, I could be a straight-A student like my sister (the nothing like). Then I would talk to her and hear all of the "cool" grown-up stuff she was doing was dreamt of "one day" (the just like). Somewhere down the line, she fell off the pedestal I had put her on and I almost hated her. So it went....back and forth....for many years.

Through elementary school.
Middle School.
High School.
Her divorce.
Living with her first semester of university.
Having a HUGE fight and joining the Air Force.
Me not speaking to her for months at a time.
Picking a guy she didn't approve of.
I got married to said guy. She loved him (told her ;-) )
Moving to a small island out in the middle of the ocean.
Her move across three states.
Our move to Florida.
Then.....hubby went on a deployment {It was supposed to be 3-months, but came back 7 1/2 months later}.
I got lonely.
So.....I called the sister.
And slowly we worked to build a relationship. Not just because God made it to where we had the same mom, but as someone I can call and talk for hours with. Our longest at-one-time conversation was during our time in Florida. It was.....over 12 hours. We went through two batteries on our house phones. We would switch to the other one while that first one charged....over and over. We both straightened our houses and watched a show or two "together." That phone call cemented it. Do we still talk that long? No. It's not because we can't find the time. It's that pesky time zone difference. I'm 7 hours ahead. Which is not a good thing unless it's on the weekend, but since we both have lives and things we do, it's not easy. So, it's normally a 3 hour conversation instead. I got Magic Jack and "he" kicks us off and 90 minutes. So, we hang up; wait a few; and I'll call back to "finish" the conversation.

Thankful for her innocent, child prayer all of those years ago. We're both better because of it.