Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thankfulness Day 12


I have an on-going To Do list. I have never finished everything on it. Every time I cross one item off, I tend to add at least one or two more to it. Part of that reason is "stick-to-it-ness". I will be in the midst of doing one thing and happen to notice something out of place. Next thing you know, I stop doing A to take care of B. While I'm in the room where B is/goes, I notice C out of place. Well, you get the point. This is a normal day for me. It's not that I don't want to finish A, I just get very easily....oooo butterfly. ;-)

Another reason for the Never Ending To Do List is that I can always find something to do or add to it. As we all know, the one thing constant about life is change. Whether that is clothes that never stay clean or dishes that never stay washed or a floor that never stays de-haired or....well, things Don't. Stay. Put. Ever.

However, today I was able to tick off two items (well, biggies) from that list. One was to hang up hubby's autumn/winter clothes that I had brought up....oh, a week or so ago. You see, hubby left on his extended business trip back in the summer. Back in late spring/early summer, he decided to pack his "cold weather" clothes into two totes and carry them downstairs and put them in the garage. Not long after, he found out that he was definitely leaving on business. When is he scheduled to be home? Not sure, but sometime between the proverbial now and mid-February. Yep, during that nice cool weather. Sooooo I decided to be nice and bring up the totes. Not easy given that stairs are a way of going to and from the garage. And carrying anything that requires both hands is not something I plan on doing anytime soon. Fortunately, I bought a collapsible dolly. That $30 item has been a life saver. So I loaded up both totes and pulled it upstairs. And that's where they sat. Until the 12th. All clothes from those totes are now sorted and hung up.
The other will remain description-less since it's a Christmas present for my family. Do the parents read this? computer. *gasp! Other than that, no least they haven't mentioned it, but I'm not going to take any chances. But....the other tick was creating and ordering said gifts. :-)

Although the 11th was technically the day, it is observed today. I'm talking about Veterans Day. And I am thankful for the reason for this day. I come from a family of veterans.
My dad was in WWII (not a typo).
One uncle was in Korea.
Another uncle was in Vietnam.
A dear friend was in the Gulf.
I served 4 years myself during the mid-90s.
I am currently married to an active duty Air Force guy.
And that's just me. My husband comes from proud military members as well. As do quite a few of my friends.

The reason that the US has the freedoms it currently has it through their veterans. It started after the pilgrims landed. They fought for the land...for religious freedom. They made peace and settled....and expanded. The Crown didn't like that, so they yet again fought for rule independent of Great Britain. There has been a civil war and two world wars. Current war is nothing like that first war...a time we'll remember within the next week or so. Current wars aren't fought on American soil at hand-to-hand anymore. A lot of the reasons is to go to the baddies because they can sit in a spot miles away and destroy lives.
This isn't a post however about pro or anti war. This is about being thankful for those men and women who have vowed and signed a contract to "support and defend the Constitution". I am thankful that the majority of people (regardless of whether they agree or disagree with the war(s)) do support the troops. There are a few ill-informed idiots that pick on the "worker" as opposed to the "boss-in-charge", but fortunately I haven't met many.