Thursday, November 1, 2012

Month of Thankfulness

Last year, a friend on Facebook reposted a challenge....I decided to accept the challenge and actually completed it. I've decided sometime during the year that I have spent waaaaaaay too much time on FB, so have decided to try to complete the challenge via this sorely-neglected blog.
What is the challenge?

To post something every day during the entire month of November for something you're thankful for that day. I did my utmost to never post duplicates, but something different each day. It helps give thanks back to the Lord for His many blessings. It also reminds us me that when those days of gloom and doom (even if it's internal) seem never-ending and bring us me down, that there is sooooo much to be thankful for. Kind of a reality check.

Today, for the 1st.
I am thankful that during this gloomy, rainy, chilly Autumn day, I have a dry roof over my head that is a house that we any upkeep is the landlord's responsibility.

FYI: It's a "two-story" house, but the only "livable" part is what's in the pic. Per local custom, the bottom half is the garage/storage. Yep, when we park our vehicle out of the elements inside the garage, it is actually directly under our bedroom.

Odd customs in other parts of the world sometimes.