Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thankfulness Day 7

The election results technically came in late last night, but given that I was asleep by the time all of the polls closed, it was morning before I learned the result. Am I surprised by the results? Some. I'm the type of voter that wants to know what the results of ALL of the ballot...not just the "biggie." So, I did a search and came up with a website that gave me what I was looking for: results by state and then broken down by county. That gave me the result of everything I voted on. A few, I was surprised. I wondered if some of the amendments weren't actually read and/or researched by the voters. Did the "title" sound good? Oh yeah. However, when you actually read what it wanted to do, the result was not something I wanted....or something I did want depending on the issue. Was the result of the "biggie" surprising? Not after I read the results of the other states amendments. And I'll leave my election comments at that. The End.

I am thankful for plenty to eat. In our house we have the normal fridge/freezer. We also have two food cabinets and a couple shelves in our pantry. Those added together equal being very blessed. We have enough to eat as well as to help out others that are less fortunate.

This is an old picture. It's a lot more empty (de-cluttered) and more organized. The picture is about 2 years old...ish.

That is one thing that I learned growing up: help others out. Did my parents specifically teach that? No. They didn't have to. I learned to help others in need by watching what they did nearly Every. Single. Day. They taught me by example. They taught me right from wrong; about the Lord and His Word; about being honest; many others that I can't think of right now. What they didn't "teach" was how they lived. When my parents came across someone in need of something, they had something at home that might work.

Example: Someone they know mentions needing to go get a warmer coat for winter.
Response: "You know? I think I might have an "old" coat at home that won't fit anymore. I'll bring it just might fit you."
Wouldn't you know it? That coat fit nearly perfect. Was it old? Rarely. But it was a way to help out so that the person wouldn't feel like they were taking charity. Well, if you're not using it......  As far as I know, they are still doing that. My dad's a mechanic. He enjoys working on mowers and weed eaters. He's fixed quite a few for folks to "help them out".

A lesson learned, but not taught.