Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankfulness Day 11


Starting last night, it rained off and on all night and most of the day. The way our house is built, if you have the windows and doors closed and can still hear the rain, it's raining pretty hard. I could hear it pouring. That meant it was raining a lot harder than I could hear. I read on a Facebook page that someone had asked if there was a river that had formed in anyone else's street. Yep, it was that bad for our section of the region.

Given that it was a Sunday, I would normally get up, get dressed, and normally either eat something waiting for Belle to come in (after letting her out while I get dressed) or eat on the way. The destination? Church. Growing up, Sundays have meant a day of rest and to worship at the Lord's House. This Sunday.....everything was off. I went to bed in a bad sullen mood. I got up in a sullen mood. I hadn't finished schoolwork that was due around midnight (an on-line class). It was pouring rain, which meant wet feet. So, I thought I would wear jeans and a nice shirt. And yes, that's an okay outfit for our church.
And that's when the already yucky day got worse. The jeans I grabbed fit fine last December, but somehow they didn't fit anymore. I will say that the weather fit my mood or vice versa.

The day was spent in a kind of a sulk. I could've cared less if homework was done or anything else for that matter. My blah mood turned into a case of the "Who Cares?!?!". The night finished off with the storm doing something to the house and the power going out. I waited for almost an hour before going to bed. CREEPY!!!!! I've learned that I do not want to live in the country....too quiet. I like noise when I go to bed. If it wasn't for a clock ticking the seconds by, the house would have been completely quiet. No. Thank. You!!!

The way the electricity is installed in the houses here, there's a safety mechanism built in. Whenever a light bulb blows or an electrical component pops, a breaker pops. If it's something like a light bulb, it could pop a single breaker. OR if the house (or a transformer outside up on one of those poles) gets zapped by lightning, the main breaker pops. THAT is a good thing.

However, there is one tiny issue.....the breaker box is downstairs. There are two ways to get to it: 1. Down the inside stairs....the same stairs I had my accident on or 2. Down the front stairs, through the garage door. Ummmmm....definite NO on least I don't feel faint when looking at the stairs anymore. As for #2, not at midnight, in a quiet village, when it's pitch black, in the pouring rain/windy/storm. Soooooo I decided to deal with it in the morning and went to bed (see above).

I woke up, grabbed a light (electric was still out), put shoes on, and went down the front stairs, through the garage door, and turned on the popped main breaker. Belle was nice enough protective enough to go with and stay with me while I did so. :-D

That major minor detail of going to bed, alone (Belle deserted me for her bed in the lounge), in a creepily quiet house made my thankful for the 11th very easy....I am beyond thankful for a cold, dark evening and a man named Benjamin Franklin and his invention of......electricity!
Ben Franklin
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