Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankfulness Day 6

*Edited: This is the normal post for today. I forgot to post Mondays, so there are two for today (Tuesday)

Today was a busy day for me, but enjoyable. I met a few lovely ladies at a nearby town. We had a cafe, then strolled through the market where I got Rucola (or Arugala in America), butter cookies, and 2 scarfs. We went and had lunch with half of it coming home with me in a box for lunch in a day or two. Then one of the ladies and I went to 2 shops further away. One is a store that sells fresh fruit, veg, and meat for cheaper than most stores. I got Brussels Sprouts; my friend got some cauliflower. They also sell common spices for cheaper than I can get it around the corner...less than $1. Driving home was distracting given God decided to showcase His latest painting. After I dropped my friend off at her house, I stopped on the way home to get this:

Although it's not as amazing as the previous sights, it was still beautiful. The pic was taken with my phone, so it's grainy and doesn't pick up either the lightning flickering above/behind the top cloud or the light pink just above the clouds.

Today I am grateful for a particular freedom. November the 6th, occurring every four years, Americans vote on who they want to work to run their country. Not too many years ago (definitely in my parent's lifetime....although they are older than most....besides the point.....anywho.....), the only Americans that were allowed to vote were white men. That's it. Now, all US citizens over 18 can vote. I'm doubly blessed since I am not currently residing IN the US at the moment.

Did I exercise my right? Yes I did. But not on this day did I drive my vehicle to a voting site, show my voter's card and ID, go inside a curtained booth, push buttons to select my choices, and walk out after receiving a sticker. I did 8 years ago. This year, as well as 4 years ago, I exercised my right via Absentee Ballot by mail. I requested my form via mail and waited. I received an email that allowed me to download and print my ballot....which included my state of residency (per the district) choices as well. I then mailed it off to the Election office for my state in order for it to be counted along with all of the other mail-in ballots. While I won't mention who all I chose, I will say that I am thankful that our forefathers, along with amendments and technology, allowed me to exercise a freedom on this day, a specific day held only once every 4 years.