Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankfulness Day 9

Today was a few errands and more training. I've been training one day a week for the past few weeks to take over as Treasurer at our church. It helps both me (who for the moment is assistant treasurer) and the primary. Why? He needs to devote more time to family and I'm in university to obtain an accounting degree. So, we both benefit. Win win I guess.

I am very glad that my dad pushed my husband and I to "find a church when {we got} home." But we couldn't just pick any church. Why not? 1. We live in Italy. 2. We don't speak/understand Italian....well, enough not to starve. lol  3. We're not Catholic (the dominate religion here). Hubby was told of a church in a specific area. We found out later that the church the folks had meant was across the street and not the one we walked into. Divine intervention. We were meant to go into this specific church. The majority of the people that also go to this church feel like members of our family. The pastor and his wife are surrogate parents to many....including me. Yep, they treat me like a daughter and I treat them like parents. Let me clarify: I treat them like parents after a child that's grown up and has her own life and not a sponge. Experience? A few friends back in America haven't learned that lesson quite yet.
OKAY.....that was a rabbit trail.


The 9th was scheduled as an evening to go to a restaurant to have steaks and then across the river to get gelato. The steaks aren't small. They are cooked over an open fire to request. Salad, fries, and grilled veggies are placed on the table to be passed around.

This evening was spent in the company of a great group of folks from the above-mentioned church. I laughed so hard on the way up to the restaurant; during the time at the restaurant and the gelateria; and most of the way back. We ate yummy food until we were all stuffed and almost bursting at the seams. The camaraderie was wonderful and the laughter was much needed. I think part of the laughter had to do with arriving back at the church at close to midnight, but who knows?