Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankfulness Day 5

Today was busy. I got a message Sunday night asking if I could work today. I am the assistant secretary at our church. Well, that's the title, but I mainly fill in for the actual secretary when she is either on holiday, sick, or (as happened today) is indisposed. After work (which is a total of 5 hours a day for 2 days a week), I ran all my weekly errands...or so I thought until I got home. *sigh Oh well, good thing I have an appointment Wednesday since I forgot a couple things. I spent the evening watching a movie: "Madea's Witness Protection." OMStars!!!!!!!!! I laughed until my sides hurt and tears were streaming down my face. Love a Tyler Perry movie. I have yet to find a bad one.

I am thankful for being able to fill in for the full-time secretary. Not too long ago I wasn't able to because of an infection (and then allergic reactions) from a random bug bite. Of all of the folks in the area, me and some  guy (get that...TWO people) happen to be allergic to the bites. Nice. That is also a topic for a different post. Let's just say that it happened the end of July and I'm still fighting the infection. Anywho...... I am not only thankful for the ability to go in, but also the extra money that comes from those few hours that will help when we move. Moving expenses from Italy are...well, let's just say OUCH. Or so we've heard. I'm taking all of the comments and tips and gripes I've heard from people who have already done so to heart and have started to compile my list(s) and my buffers. One buffer is where the funds are going. I have time and will utilize as much time as we're given. Also, I'm thankful I'm able to help out a church and church family that has helped me/us in the past 2 years. I truly do no know where I would be if not for the church and a few key folks there...especially the ladies. Amazing group of women. Some have already moved on ( other countries or America), some are still here, but all are added to my thankful list. Love them!