Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thankfulness Day 8

A rough morning. I woke up with a headache. Sounds bad right? Well, a morning headache turns into a migraine rather quickly. I ate my breakfast bar with a mini Coke and downed 2 Aleve hoping that the chocolate, the caffeine, and the drugs would work together and work quickly. I should have known better.

I was rather blessed however. Normally when I have a morning migraine, I tend to get nauseous. If I eat (in order to take meds), I get sick. That didn't happen....yeah! However, the fact that the best thing I can do is to eat, take meds, and then nap for 2 hours to kill the ache didn't apparently dawn on me.

A few hours later, I ate lunch and took 2 more Aleve...once again thinking within 20 minutes Bye-Bye ache.
When will I learn?
I spent the whole day snacking (bad) and drinking Coke (bad) and vegging in front of the computer watching back episodes of CSI. See....being overseas I miss a lot of shows. I am rather behind on.....well, most of them. So, I've been trying to get mostly caught up. That was my day.

What I'm thankful for is knowledge.
--Knowledge I'm receiving from all of the college classes that I take on-line in order to obtain a Bachelor's degree.
--Knowledge that comes from experience. Sometimes this particular knowledge is hard won. Literally.
--Knowledge that comes from life. Each day I learn something new. That is one thing that we should always strive for: learn something new Every. Single. Day.

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One day I will look back on this time. I will hopefully retain most of what I'm currently learning. I hope to continue to soak in knowledge. Not only concerning my degree, but also "street" knowledge and common sense.