Sunday, April 28, 2013

Menu for the Week...8 days instead of 7

We used to meal plan for the week on Friday evening or sometime Saturday for the following Sunday through Saturday. The problem was that Sunday night was either up-in-the-air or we had to get the stuff for it on Sunday. Not working. Sooooo we decided to switch it up to meal planning for Monday through Sunday. I will get the majority of Tuesday (errand day....Monday is DIY for now) and the "weekend" bits on  Thursday or Friday. Since we just decided that mid-week last week, we had to alter things a bit.....

For the week of 21st through 28th::

For the week of the 21st through the 28th:::

Sunday: Frito Pies

Monday: DIY

Tuesday: Asparagus with Chicken and Bow Tie Pasta (recipe found in a mag)

Wednesday: Baked Steak with Mashed Potatoes (hubby's grandma's recipe :-) )
Thursday: the pantry meal was--Cheesy Chicken Pasta from Velveeta with {boxed}Au Gratin potatoes and  sauteed broccoli
Note: We're trying to stop eating so much boxed and processed foods (other than some of the soups that I won't make from scratch) and the best way is a "Use it use" mentality. Not quite done, but getting there. :-)

Friday: Grill Night. This one was Cheeseburgers. We got one of the packages from the store, added hamburger seasoning and cheese from the deli. Put on wheat buns with Miracle Whip Hamburger Sauce (it's orange)....can't stand Miracle Whip, but LOVE this sauce. :-P and Orida (sp?) Crispers baked in the oven

Saturday: Pizza. We did a Relay for Life earlier that day. It was a long day and pop in a pizza was perfect for a nasty, rainy, thunderstormy night.

Sunday: A new (to us) restaurant.  We're currently in Europe, moving back to America soon, so we're working our way through restaurants we've heard of or seen or been told about before we have to leave. We're hoping to do a new one every week if we can.

What was your dinners like this week?