Friday, April 12, 2013

Search Engines

Everyone who is on-line has used a search engine at one time or another. And everyone has their favorites. My sister uses one called DogpileMost folks I know use Google. 
Google has become so popular that instead of saying "I'm going to search the internet for that info", it's "I'm going to Google that info." Yep, Google has become a noun and a verb. That topic is for another post.

The reason for this one is yet another blog I found. She created two search engines using this page to do so. The first one is Christian Homemaking/Womanhood Search Engine. That one she created "with results from [her] favorite websites such as Biblical Womanhood, Tammy's Recipes, Keeping the Home, The Sparrow's Nest and many others."

The other one is Frugal Search Engine. This one "searches [her] favorite deal websites and frugal blogs." And how many of us don't want to save money? Yeah, I have a feeling I'll be using this one a bit.

So, now you have two (three?) search engines in case Google is not exactly what you're hoping for. :-)