Friday, January 4, 2013

December 2012

Since I'm almost caught up, I will do a summary post for December.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, hubby came home from the Middle East just before Thanksgiving. I was still working on a class for college. He had been home about a week when he had the desire/need to return to America in order to see his grandma. To take some the load off his widow mom raising 3 young girls, his grandma offered to raise him. His mom (probably frustrated and stressed) agreed. His grandpa had passed back in 2000. His grandma was fine for a while, but her kids decided to see if she would live with them on a rotating basis. After his grandma had a minor fall, she agreed. Also around that time, she realized she was getting Alzheimer like her mother. Being alone could potentially be dangerous. Recently, it was mentioned by her kids that it is getting to be more and more difficult on the family to "handle her" and it might be a good idea to look into assisted living...or something similar. The kids are in their 60s and up and grandma.....well, her short-term memory (and recognition at times) isn't what it used to be...and it's not going to get better. They figure it's better to look into a place while there's time as opposed to an urgent decision later. Well, hubby felt the need to go see her while she was still in a regular-type setting. I had tons of school to do (still 2 weeks behind at that point and 2 1/2 weeks left of school....OY!), so I stayed home.

While hubby was gone for just under two weeks, I was able to get caught up....submitted the last assignment the last day of class. I could only have done that with an understanding teacher. Thanks to him! I got my class done, hubby got to visit lots of his family...Win, Win for both of us. He got home a week before Christmas and I was able to just "go with the flow" since I had nothing pressing.

On Christmas Eve, our church has an annual Candlelight Service. For an hour or so, the congregation sings Christmas songs. If anyone wants to sing a solo, they're more than welcome. We end the service with the candle part. Pastor lights his candle, then lights the candle of the person at the end of each row. The end person lights the one next to them and so on. Once all of the candles are lit, someone turns the lights off and we sing the verses of Silent Night. After the service is over, we go downstairs for a potluck Dessert Social. After the service, hubby & I went to grab take away since I didn't eat anything and chocolate just doesn't cut it for dinner.

We went to Pastor's house for Christmas dinner. There ended up being 16 total (including 3 kids) for dinner. We ended up chatting for about an hour or so after dinner while the off the food rested their eyes. We left not long after and opened our gifts to each other.

Christmas week was back to work for hubby and a regular week for me. New Year's? That's for another post...along with how the house got emptier this last year.