Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thankfulness Day 22

Nov. 22
The third Thursday in November has been set as an American holiday--Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the reason for today.

Years ago, English men and women wished to worship the one true God. The problem was, the government didn't like that idea...they wanted their laws and rules and choices over the people's choice of worship. Instead of bowing to the government's wishes, they started meeting in people's houses and had "look outs" in case any local police (bobbies) came to check up on them. After living like that, they knew that there had to be a better way. And what? A land founded by Columbus and Amerigo Vaspuchi (sp?) years earlier. They called it The New World. So....they hopped aboard a boat (well, by today's standards) via the Netherlands (safer than leaving from England) and off they sailed across the vast waters. Months went back until they finally spotted land. Where they first landed wasn't very hospitable, so they sailed further north and then around the tip....finally landing for the final time. There they finally were able to build a building that was used (for a while) as a hospital. Fast forward. By the time spring (it was winter when they first landed) came, many more had died of sickness and lack of proper nutrition and nutrients. They met two "Indians" who assisted them with planting crops that would grow locally and to hunt game. When harvest came, the "pilgrims" and part of the first Indian's tribe came together as friends. The "pilgrims" were thankful to the Lord that they had made it across the unknown ocean; through a horrible winter; through spring planting season; through summer growing season; and now to harvest; thankful for natives that helped them learn skills in order to live in this New World.

I am thankful for the original reason for today: the desire for freedom to worship the Lord Jesus Christ and their obedience to His will.