Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thankfulness Day 24

Nov. 24
One of the reasons I had gotten behind on thankfulness is because of school. That is actually ironic because this day I am thankful for the Freedom to go to School.

I decided a few years back to go back to school in order to obtain a degree. Being that hubby and I weren't stateside and not going to be, how to get a anything. I did a bit of research and found out I could take on-line classes through a few choice schools. The one I chose was University of Maryland University College....UMUC.

When I started, I thought a Business degree. That would get me into doing....something...and figure out exactly what later. I finished my Associate's and received my diploma in the post....I chose not to "walk." Now onto the bachelor's. After taking only one class for my "minor," I switched majors. My major became my minor and my minor became my major. I am now (as of this typing in January) two classes away from a major in Accounting with a Business minor. Yes, I should have been done long before now, but....well, life happened.

What I am thankful for is the fact that I'm in school at all. For one, there are many countries that won't even allow females to get any kind of proper education...let alone a college degree. Two, if all of this would have occurred back when I was in High School, an on-line degree was a thing of lofty dreams and imaginations of inventors. If the base didn't offer the class, I would have been out of luck. Because of the advances in technology and dropping prices of laptops and internet service, distance isn't an issue any more. I've lived in two different countries while working towards the degree and my professors have been all over the world....from Germany to the US west coast; from the US east coast to Japan. Everything coming together in order for this degree to happen is amazing and unheard of not too many years ago.