Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thankfulness Day 27

Nov. 27
The day this was supposed to be posted was a Tuesday. Tuesday nights our church has Prayer 'n Bible Study. That fact brings up this day's thankful: I am thankful for Freedom of Religion.

Many years ago, "pilgrims" came over from Europe because of the desire to worship the Lord without persecution--Thankfulness Day 22. One would think that all of these years later, things would have changed. America is "supposed" to be more tolerant. Truth? Only towards certain things and people. In other parts of the world, if you aren't that countries religion, it is believed that you follow a cult. In some countries, Christians are persecuted just as in Biblical times. Followers are thrown in jail, killed, or tortured. Bibles are burned and families are ripped apart. I too thought that those stories were a thing of the past. Sadly, there are many Christians and missionaries that tell a different story....a story that makes you thankful that you're not there and to pray for those that are. Here in Italy, if one is not catholic, their church is considered a cult. Period. I am thankful that we still have the freedom of religion; the freedom to worship the Lord God in public and not have to hide in someone's basement; the freedom to carry a Bible with you if you choose to do so; to pray over your meal sitting in a cafe or restaurant; to witness to others about His love and His grace and His salvation.